Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"D'Israeli makes the meanest salad in Beeston!"*

Just finished being interviewed by Matthew Badham for the Megazine (as with Ian Edginton last month.) I don't know what issue it'll be in yet, though as the deadline's not till the end of August, October seems more likely than September. I'll keep you posted.
It's a pity we can't publish our non-recorded conversations, which, ranging through de-Nazification and oppressive regimes in the Germanic countries via the slow maturation of Alberto Brecchia to the effects of new technology on the practise of art from Toulouse-Lautrec to Tom Gauld, were probably much more interesting than my banging on about "komiks wot I drored." An erudite chap, that Badham.

The encounter led me to discover a previously unnoticed side-effect of keeping this blog; Matthew, like all good journos, had done his research, which meant that every time I tried to mention a bit of recent news, he'd say, "oh, yes, read that in your blog" and recite the post back to me. Up to now I'd worried about coming up with enough things to post, now I wonder if I've not been publicly decommissioning my limited stocks of small talk without realizing it. I don't suppose it'll prove a problem among the classicist crowds I mostly associate with (colleagues of my belovèd, the ever-fragrant Dr.F), but it'll be interesting to see how much conversational depletion there is the next time I do a signing.
Still, I'd only complain if no-one was reading...

*As a result of my new-found healthy-eating regime, I was stocked with sufficient vegetables to feed the Vegan Mr. B: however, I strenuously deny any allegations of a sleazy salad-for-questions deal.


I. N. J. Culbard said...

Tom Gauld! One of his works is soon to be adorning the walls of our dining room. My wife used to work at the Pump House gallery in Battersea where she exibited his work.

Nice chap. We also own the original art to one of Simone leas works where two rabbits are stood looking at a painting and one says to the other 'do you mind if we leave now, I'm feelin quite depressed'.

First and Second where fantastic.

I wanted to live in Beeston just so I could have "The Beast of Beeston" on my address. Nice part of town.

Unknown said...

As comic artists, we should really start a colony in Gotham :-)

I. N. J. Culbard said...

Have you ever been to Gotham? I've seen bus signs and exit signs as I've driven down to Loogerbarooger (Loughborough), but never been.

[shamelessplug]I have pages from my "Monsters" story up on my blog which is allegedly going to be in the Megazine at some point in the future.[/shamelessplug]

paulhd said...

Gotham's quite pleasant funnily enough, used to pass it when I worked in Loogerbarooga and was sort of disappointed at the lack of gothic skyscapers.
Tom Gauld's ace and I adore Simone Lea's artwork, I have great jealousy of your original art collection INJ.
Looking forward to the interview whenever it comes out, I'm a sucker for interviews.

Anonymous said...

Pseudo-interesting factoid ...

Indirectly, Gotham City is named after the village of Gotham. since the Batman habitat took its name from an area of New York which actually was named after Gotham in Nottinghamshire, immortalized in folklore as "The Village of Fools."