Saturday, February 10, 2007

10,000 Visits

My latest Sitemeter report informs me that this blog has passed the 10,000 visits mark. I'm not sure how that figures in the scale of things webby, but it flabbergasts the hell out of me, so I'd like to say thanks to everyone who's visited the site and particularly to those who've left comments*.

I'm not going to play the violin and whine on about what a lonely life it is being a comic artist; in fact, I'm a natural hermit who thinks spending every day locked away in a cupboard is a perk of the job. But, with the exception of meeting people at cons and signings, there's been no real sense of what happens to the work once it leaves my hands; no idea if lots of people are reading it, or if it's just evaporated into the æther.

Since starting my website in 2000, I've received a limited amount of feedback by email, but starting the blog has given me a much better (and more immediate) sense of whether stuff is getting out there and whether anybody likes it. The encouragement I've received from your postings has really helped keep me going through the heavy deadlines of the last few months.

Equally, I hope I've been able to give you a bit of a window into the wacky world of the comic artist.

Thanks, finally, to Graeme, for occasionally dragging me out to drink coffee and blether about stuff in general, blinking all the while like a pit pony in the daylight**.

*Except for that one spambot, who can just f*ck *ff :-)
**Me, not him.

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