Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Resonance FM

Murders On The Rue Morgue adapted by Ian Edginton & Me
For the anthology Nevermore by Selfmadehero

Sorry for the lack of activity the past couple of weeks - as soon as I finished my last pre-Christmas deadline I came down with a mild case of the lurgey and was forced to spend a week lolling on the sofa watching 1960's Gamera films, eating Nutella on toast and reading One Piece in German.

I'll endeavor to get the references for Stickleback parts 2 & 3 up in the next day or so.

Meanwhile, if you think listening to me wittering on about Edgar Allen Poe might be your thing, try listening to Resonance FM's Strip! programme at 5pm today (Thursday 9th January).

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Mangamax said...

Referencs to Stickleback coming eh?
Look forward to your views on Suthek matey