Thursday, June 22, 2006

Draw The World Together

A quick plug for the Draw The World Together art auction, to raise money to help underpriveliged kids around the world. My contribution is a double-page spread from the last episode of Leviathan (above).
Because all my work is done on computer, there's no original artwork, so I'm supplying an A2 durable photo-print of the above, plus an original sketch in real honest-to-goshy-goodness ink on non-imaginary paper (see end of post).

Organizer Boo Cook is working like a demon to get everything together for the auction on August 9th, but at the moment this year's contributions aren't yet up (there's a page that says "auction closed" but that's from last year). I'll re-post the link once the site has been updated.


I. N. J. Culbard said...

The Leviathan ploughing through the streets of New York. Now that's the stuff of my nightmares as a child.

I recall one odd dream/nightmare of standing in my primary school playground looking up into the sky and seeing the underside of row boats and ocean liners.

And then the megalodons came.

Anonymous said...

Those pen/tippex sketches of your are lovely.

Now, what do I bid for...

Benjamin said...

Hi Matt,

am I being stupid, or is your art not on the auction?

I just clicked through the link, eager to get my hands on the Leviathan art (my favorite end to a series ever) and the auction is closed and the art not listed.

Any ideas? (I'd have no objection to getting another copy from yourself and making a donation to them/you direct through Paypal)

Unknown said...

Thanks for flagging this up, Benjamin.

According to the info I was sent, the auction's not until August 9th... I think the page I linked to may be left over from last year.
I've emailed Boo Cook to confirm this, and in the meantime I've removed the link in question.

I'll not get into alternative arrangements for selling art and making donations till I've heard more.

Benjamin said...

Thanks Matt.

I'll keep an eye on the blog for news. I'm sure you'll part me from some folding one way or another..

Enjoying the blog too. Good stuff, and an interesting insight.

Unknown said...

Okay, it's what I thought - the page I had a link to is from last year, and this year's stuff isn't up yet. I'll re-post the link once it's been updated.

I did this post in a bit of a hurry which is why I failed to notice - sorry for the confusion caused.