Thursday, July 27, 2006


Originally uploaded by minicloud.

I discovered the Flickr comics group the other week, though I was a tad disappointed that most of the contributions were actually single-frame cartoons rather than multi-panel narrative comics (this is not imply that I'm making a qualitative judgement re the two forms; tractors are not "better" than double-decker buses, but each has its function and its place, and the one is not the other).
Of the few exceptions, most were people posting old/existing art for comment, but one noble exception was minicloud (Sarah Glidden) who, inspired by James Kochalka, is posting a daily comics journal. The entries are single page strips focussing on little aspects and fragments of daily experience; comics poetry.
It takes a certain discipline to put together one page of comics, and to commit yourself to regular output takes a certain doggedness; it's also the best way to progress, and she's already reaping the benefit of regular exercise, comics wise.
Minicloud's Daily Journal on Filckr.
Blog (as Cloudless).

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