Saturday, September 23, 2006

And Again...

Asylum Books guy originally designed by Colin MacNeill

This time I got as far as copying the image from yesterday to a drive and then attaching the drive to the laptop, but then I still somehow managed to forget to copy the image to the laptop! So here's a copy of a website intro screen I did for Asylum Books and Games a while ago. Their version has whizzy animation on the laptop screen.


Anonymous said...

Sorry its taken me a while to catch on but I have only just discovered why your old site is no more which is that you have this one!

I set up an Actions script in my old OS9 version of Photoshop of your method for creating blue line from a black and white image but I have lost it since upgrading to OS10. Any chance you still have the tutorial anywhere? I would really appreciate it as it was and is and will be really useful for me.

I have Leviathan on order for whenever it gets published in October (I completely missed it first time around) and I snatched up the first issue of the 2nd Scarlet Traces when I was over in England in August. It was sold out in GOSH but on a trip to Cambridge I found it in a Borders there. Brilliant stuff!

I am so glad I found your site! Looking forward to reading it every day from now on.

Anonymous said...

Hey I managed to find the Virtual blue line instructions and I have set up a new Action script. Cheers!

Unknown said...

Hi Mikal, sorry, I switched website providers last year and the new site isn't showing up as well as it should (I think maybe the link on 2000ADonline may be wrong too?). I also managed to deleted my website link on the sidebar of this blog (now restored). There's also a link to my site here.
Click on the "Education" tab to find the stuff about colouring.