Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Panels 1 & 2 of Stickleback Part 6 Page One, sans lettering and titles.
Stickleback © 2007 Rebellion/
Created by Ian Edginton & me.

Stickleback part 6 is out - have to say, I was slightly nonplussed by the placement of the titles and credit boxes over the figures in the big panel on page one, when there was plenty of space at the top of the panel and a blank space next to it. Still, it's impossible to judge without knowing how much time pressure Tharg & his droids were under - I've done dafter things myself after a night without sleep.

The setting for part 6 is based on the real Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Sophia in Bayswater. Check out the link for a groovy Quicktime VR tour of the interior (best reference I've ever had, short of visiting a location myself).

I've nearly completed the final part of Stickleback; I though originally I'd have to go three nights without sleep this week to get done, but after a massive work binge at the weekend, I got far enough ahead that I can wind down to Friday's deadline in a semi-relaxed manner.

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Anonymous said...

Never having seen that particular cathedral, but having attended more than one Greek Orthodox church gathering, I have to say that that second panel looks incredibly authentic. As well as totally beautiful.

Not reading 2000AD at the moment, but really loving the style you're using on the Stickleback art you're showing here. Lovely!

(And although I've mentioned this to you in the past, the mention of Greek Orthodoxy reminds me that your readers might like to know that there is an ACTUAL Lazarus Churchyard, in Cyprus. I believe it's in Larnaca, although I may be getting that wrong. But as I totally failed to furnish you with pictures of it, maybe someone else on holiday there could?)