Friday, February 09, 2007

Leviathan Step-By-Step Demo

1) length of flex; 2) ratty dressing gown; 3) stick figure; 4) needs a haircut

Luka Pizzari of Italy emailed me recently about a step-by-step demo I did of my working process for Leviathan. I originally put it together to go with an interview I did for the 2000AD website in 2003, but since then I moved ISPs and anyone who bookmarked it will have lost it.

It's now posted again here, and I've also added a permanent link in the toolbar (right) to make it easier to find.


Sean Azzopardi said...

When this was on line originaly, it inspired me to look at using illustrator with my Wacom tablet, to draw comic pages. I was looking for it recently as i now want to try the process again, to test my G5, and here it is!
I would also like to say that the work that you have done on Stickleback is superb. Some of the panels that have been posted on your blog have been most inspiring.

Sean Azzopardi

monocat said...

this is noted for further consideration - when I get a graphics tablet again (the kids, by degrees, have done to death graphire 1) - still have the tablet (with mildly mangled 'tracing' cove, but one pen vanished & the spare has had nibs & buttons removed (consternation gets you nowhere)).

Unknown said...

Sean - thanks!

Paul - Ack!!!

Eric Talbot said...

Matt - you are nuts! In a good way.