Monday, August 20, 2007

Judge Dredd: Time's Squared

Page one of Judge Dredd: Time's Squared - sans lettering, you can make out my name-checks in panel one: the Shane Oakley block and the G.N Reid Underzoom.
Judge Dredd © 2007 Rebellion/2000AD
Judge Dredd created by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra

Prog 1551 flopped onto my mat this morning, bearing Judge Dredd: Time's Squared, the third part of Ian Edginton's & my time traveller stories. This is my first 2000AD story in colour*, which let me get a bit more experimental in places (I had a very tentative go at doing some Stickleback-style stuff in colour on page 3), though I'm not sure if my attempt to pastiche Carlos Ezquerra's photoshop colouring on page 4 really comes across.

My only sadness was that my little nods to my mates Shane Oakley and Graeme Reid (who provided much of the reference for this strip while I was away from home) in panel one of page 1 ended up covered with lettering; but those are the breaks, I guess. Knowing how this stuff goess, I put backup mentions in page 4, and I present page one here without lettering.

*I was surprised to realize this, but it's true; I've done full-colour strips for The Megazine, and colouring on other people's work for 2000AD itself, but never the full deal before now.

I spent ages on the effects in this panel, so here it is without lettering.
Judge Dredd © 2007 Rebellion/2000AD

Judge Dredd created by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra


Graeme Neil Reid said...

Woo Hoo! I'm famous! Finally I make it onto the pages of 2AD :) Looking forward to seeing this for more reasons than the name check obviously. Top dollar!

Jay said...

How jealous am I? Any chance of a cameo in Stickleback, sir?

spleenal said...

it looks excellent

shane oakley said...

One minute i have my own Block, the next - it's gone! Death to all lettering droids!!
ps;art is very muchso splendymost gorgeousness.

Jay said...

It seems to have been a prog for lettering issues, given that Button Man IV is credited to Ian Edginton and Simon Davis, despite it being a John Wagner creator-owned strip, and the art quite plainly by Frazer Irving... Oops!

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Awesome job! Love the coloring and composition.

Graeme Neil Reid said...

Got my copy today, hurrah, I made full Block status on Page 3 :) I wonder if the Block survived Judgement Day? Also spotted the 'fish paste' reference and of course the Doctor Who garb at the end. Did I miss much more? Overall a lovely job, must have been fun to do!

Anonymous said...

The Goodies trandem.

D.TAYLOR said...

Beautiful strip beautifully told. Really looking forward to seeing more. This is what comics should look like!
(That's not what I think it is on the last page pan 1 is it?!)