Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stickleback: England's Glory Part 6 References

Tomato & Hobbit quiche, anyone? Buffalo Bill's supper from Stickleback: England's Glory part 6.
Stickleback © 2008 Rebellion Developments/2000AD
Stickleback created by Ian Edginton & Me.

Buffalo Bill's Wild West
William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody (1846-1917) was a frontiersman, soldier and entrepreneur who moved into show business, initially recreating his own adventures in Wild West shows. Over twenty years Buffalo Bill's Wild West (and Congress of Rough Riders of the World) grew to include 1200 performers and toured the USA, Britain and Europe.
The show did indeed feature genuine American Indians and sharpshootress Annie Oakley.

Bullseye The Human Target
The rotund but muscular performer who can stop a cannonball with his stomach is in part inspired by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's mutant menace The Blob (Frederick J. Dukes), who first appeared in Marvel Comics' X-Men #3 (January 1964).

Wee Davey Moyes
If you were a regular at any of the GlasCAC, UKCAC or Bristol comic conventions of the 90's, you may well remember budding comics writer and imaginative powerhouse Dave Moyes of Fife.
Ian and I enjoy taking the Mick out of our Scottish friends (our persecution of Aberdonian comics-shop owner Mike McLean is now in its 8th year), though we've only had one previous go at Dave; in the 2005 Leviathan Christmas special, he's the young engineer's apprentice who releases the demon Hastur and is turned into the very first Stoker.


Anonymous said...

I thought you'd mention Buffalo Bill's Henchman Shockeye being named after a cannibalistic Gourmet alien from Colin Baker's Dr Who era IIRC.

Mangamax said...

Man, that was grim the boy being eaten.
"Smothered with onions".
That wouldn't be a crib from my favourite Laurel and Hardy short "Below Zero" is it?

Anonymous said...

StickleBack is a masterpiece - I think it's your best work yet. Kudos man!