Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Fame At Last!

Fame at last! I've been nominated for two Eagle awards - category 6: Favourite Comics Artist: Inks and category 8: Favorite Colourist. I was going to put a link up so you could click through and vote for me , but I've left it so late that voting's closed. Heigh ho.

I did want to say a big "thank you" to everyone who voted me onto the nominations list - it's a lovely way to mark my 20th anniversary as a professional comic artist, which will come at the end of May.

Even better news is that Nick Abadzis has justly been nominated for an Eisner award for his outstanding graphic novel Laika. Voting for the Eisners is limited to those connected with the worldwide comics industry, but if you do qualify, you can register to vote at

Left: Laika by Nick Abadzis

Again late in the day, I've found out that Nick is producing a regular strip called Cora's Breakfast for The Guardian on Saturday; I've already missed a couple of weeks, but you can download back episodes from The Guardian website here. Apparently there are also plans to reprint the completed story as collection.

From Cora's Breakfast by Nick Abadzis, from The Guardian on Saturday.


james corcoran said...

I nominated you in both the inks and colourist catagories though neither seemed quite right for what you do on Stickleback.Hope you do not lose out on people splitting their vote between the two.Great to see you back on 'Who killed round Robin?'as well cracking stuff!If you do not mind me asking how do you do the sort of chalky colour chading on the little animals?

Best wishes James

PJ Holden said...

It's a shame there's no 'Best use of a wacom' :)

- pj

Jay said...

I think that Nick's strip is running in the Grauniad as a teaser for it's appearance in The DFC.

Congrats on the nominations, and best of luck in the final vote-off!

Unknown said...

James - I'm just royally chuffed* to make it into the nominations, I don't seriously expect I'll win anything. It really is a case of the thought that counts, so thanks for voting!

Glad to hear you're enjoying "Round Robin" - the chalky colour shading is done in Corel Painter, with the Dull Grainy Chalk brushes (3 sizes, 10pt, 20pt and 30pt). I block out the colours using the Pencil tool in Photoshop, then open the Photoshop file in Painter and soften off the hard-edged areas of colour with these Chalk brushes.

*for the benefit of the non-English, "royally chuffed" is a GOOD thing.

PJ - Yeah, but then I'd be up against the likes of Chris Blythe, Brian Bolland & Ian Culbard - I'd be like an anaemic marmoset facing off against a fleet of dreadnoughts!

Unknown said...

Oops - Cheers, Jay - your comment was posted between my writing those last replies and posting them!

james corcoran said...

Thanks Matt! Most helpful

Emsie said...

Yo matt ^_^
The word keeps getting smaller, you know....I just met Nick the other day at the DFC launch. What a lovely and inspiring fella! I'm very nervous to be following him in the guardian soon - talk about impressive footsteps to follow. eep.
Sorry we didn't get to chat more at Bristol! ^_^

Huge congrats on the award - i was among the ruffians at the back, whooping for you! haha