Friday, May 09, 2008

Bristol Comics Expo 2008

Batman Gets A Sketch

Bristol 2007

Ian and I will be at Bristol as usual, though this year we're also running the Dark Horse table . Aside from signing, sketching and selling our own books, we'll have Dark Horse related give-aways too; come and see us at the table to find out more.

Sketching: I'll be sketching both days for most of the day, and it's the same policy as last year:

  • Quick, basic sketches are FREE
  • Detailed, finished sketches are £10

I'll also be continuing my "hall of fame" - photos of those of you who get sketches for this blog. In the melée for the con I often forget about this, so if you're getting a sketch and want to take part, feel free to remind me. You can even come back later if we've both forgotten about it at the time.

For more about the expo itself, visit

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Dan Kelly said...

Really enjoyed Bristol this year - thanks for the sketch.

Oh and congrats on the Eagle!