Sunday, May 04, 2008

In The Kingdom Of The Myopic, The Four-Eyed Man Is King

My new glasses left me feeling as if I were wading knee-deep in the pavement

Middle age has finally caught up with me; I got my first pair of glasses a week ago. Though I'm only mildly short sighted, they make enough of a difference that I wear them all the time; I'm lucky in that the frames are very comfortable (no sore nose or ears) and though I experienced some weird perceptual distortions at first, they never made me feel dizzy or nauseous.

Left: Warm, friendly expression: FAIL

I think my brain must have got used to using de-focus to help it judge distance, because when I first put the glasses on, everything seemed too close and my depth perception was completely screwed for a couple of hours. Another side of this effect was that the floor seemed too close, leaving me with the distinct feeling I was wading knee-deep in the pavement and causing me to take big comedy steps over kerbs and doorways.

The distortion's worn off now, but to be honest, I miss it; it added a dimension of adventure to the weekly shop.


I. N. J. Culbard said...

Suits you, sir.

Anonymous said...

- welcome to the ole geezers w/glasses glub, matt - yr next mission should you choose to accept it: get fat...!

x Martin H

ps. looking goob

Anonymous said...

Forget the bins.
Check out that funky. mirror universe, trek styled, cross overtop.
It does indeed, suit you sir.

Unknown said...

I.N.J - Oooh!

Martin - LOL!

anonymous - yeah, I was fingering my Agonizer just out of shot there ;-)

Anonymous said...

Heh. If wearing glasses makes you middle aged, I've been middle ages since I left school.

I need an eye test actually, I've had the same prescription for years. Literally.