Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Eddie Campbell Signing at Page 45

Eddie And Hayley Campbell

Eddie Campbell (with his daughter Hayley, background) in Nottingham for his signing at Page 45 on Sunday 3rd August 2008.

Queue Inside Page 45 (From Counter)

Paul Gravett (red shirt) and Eddie Campbell (yellow shirt) signing at Page 45 in Nottingham on Sunday. Many thanks to Stephen Holland of Page 45 for his sterling work arranging the day's events.

Eddie Campbell At The Canal House Pub

After the signing there was a meet-up at the Canal House Pub where Eddie Campbell regaled us with a humorous story about his book The Fate of the Artist.

Expletive Double

The punchline of the story involved quite a strong expletive; Eddie tips off the father of a junior audience member (left) and then delivers the punchline while the lad's ears are safely covered (right).

The signing attracted a number of creators; here Ian Edginton is interviewed by the lads from comicsvillage.com

The beard and folded arms club: left: Jay Eales, of Borderline, The Girly Comic and CAPTION fame. Right: up and coming creative dynamo Ian Culbard (The Portrait of Dorian Grey, Who Killed Round Robin?).


I. N. J. Culbard said...

Right at that very moment I had become aware that you were taking a photograph of Jay and I. Hence why Jay is looking at me and I'm sort of staring off into the middle distance. Moments before we were staring into one another's eyes ... lovingly.

Anonymous said...

How in the name of Christ did I miss this one? I bloody live in Nottingham!



Jay said...

Matt - Coo! Don't ee take a lovely snap! : )

Ian - I always keep an eye on talented artmonkeys. They're my greatest source of currency among the Secret Editor Cabal (TM)

Jim - Well, if you weren't such a bloody recluse, I'd have told you! ; )