Saturday, August 30, 2008

Genre Mash-Ups

Johnny Alpha versus Cybermen

Over 40 and still playing with toys, that's me. I'd wanted to do this set up with my Johnny Alpha action figure ever since I realized he and the cybermen were about the same scale. The zap effect from the electronux was made with a set of tiny battery-powered fairy lights given to me by Jeremy Dennis nearly ten years ago. So the plan to have my first childhood seamlessly merge with my second continues apace. Just don't tell my editor. I should have been working.

"Leave it Tony, it's not worth it,"
You've probably seen this one, but I'm still fond of it.


Mangamax said...

Ah, that's lovely that is. Dunno how you did the light shimmer effect, but its real nice.
If your Alpha's got the remit to go after Brit-TV folk, i've got 250 credits to take down Catweazle for illegal timejumping. And 750 creds to use a Number 3 Cartridge on all the Tomorrow People. No reason other than they're still blummin annoying

I. N. J. Culbard said...

Now I want all those action figures.

Have you see the classic series Doctor Who range they've just brought out! You get Doctor's 4,5 and angry old 6, Sea Devils, a Zygon that's crying out to be made into a bath toy, SV7 Robot and D84, Magnus Greel and my personal favourite Mr Sin, and as a collector incentive, a great big K1 Robot, the parts to which come in each of the other packs!

Apparently this is labeled as Wave 1. Roll on Wave 2!

I. N. J. Culbard said...

Right, just discovered that Wave 2 of the classic Doctor Who action figure series will consist of:

The Seventh Doctor from Ghost Light without his hat.

The Eighth Doctor

An Ice Warrior

A Cyberman from 'The Tenth Planet'

Voc Robot

And the two I was really hoping for:

A Mummy with Canopic Jar from Pyramids of Mars and Morbius Monster from The Brain of Morbius

The build figure will be Krynoid from 'The Seeds of Doom'.

John Freeman said...

You could combine your love of action figures with your photography AND comics by doing a photo strip. The one in Toyfare always brings a smile to my face but a British take on such frivolity surely couldn't hurt...

Colin Lorimer said...

Looks like Iron Man is saying -C'mon, you want some..

Anonymous said...

You stick that on your Glass Eye which has been sadly quiet of late...