Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sketches From Bristol

Ramada Hotel

The Ramada Plaza Hotel, site of Bristol Comics Expo 2009

Just back from the Bristol Expo; a fantastic weekend, tiring but real fun, and wonderful to see so many familiar faces despite the credit crunch and the scaling back of this year's event. Thanks to everyone who came to get a sketch; this year for the first time I made more from paid sketches than I did from sales of books. Sleep proudly in your beds, o sketchees, knowing that you've helped to secure a crust or two of my imaginary starving orphaned children.

I'll post more photos from Bristol in the next few days.

I think this is everyone except for one girl I missed, just after Richard, the lad with the Nightcrawler sketch. Click on the photos to see the set full-size on Flickr.

I asked permission to Blog these, but if you'd rather your picture was taken down, just let me know and I'll remove it.

I've titled the photos based on names (if I know them or can read them from the dedications) or, failing that, the subject of the sketch. If you spot an error, leave a comment of the photo page on Flickr and I'll sort it out.

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