Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ComicDom Colouring Talk & War of the Worlds Link

Me, banging on yet again about something-or-other at Athens Comicdom 2010.
Photograph by and © 2010 Gkikas Melachrinos. Used with permission.

For those of you who sat patiently through my colouring talk on Saturday at ComicDom, here's the link to the War of the Worlds web comic I used as an example. There's also a permanent link in the sidebar of the blog.

A panel from Ian Edginton's and my War of the Worlds comic, still available online at

Thanks to everybody at ComicDom for a truly wonderful time - I'll be posting properly about the weekend soon, but right now I'm late late LATE with work, so I must get my head down for a bit!


Graphicus said...

It was really great workshop:) I enjoed it as much as the coffee break and sunday afterparty:) It was pleasure to meet you:)

Graphicus said...

it was very good workshop and very nice as well:) almost as nice as the coffee break and afterparty:) it was pleasure to meet you, really:)