Monday, May 24, 2010

OM NOM NOMINATION! 2000AD Covers Uncovered!

The cover to 2000AD Prog 1631, nominated for a 2010 Eagle Award
To see a step-by-step demo showing how this cover was made, click here.
Dirty Frank/Lowlife © 2010 Rebellion Developments/2000AD
Lowlife created by Rob Williams and Henry Flint

Delighted beyond words to be nominated for a 2010 Eagle award for the cover to 2000AD Prog 1631 ("Stained Glass Frank"). Serious thanks to everyone who voted for the nomination. I'm really pleased by this because covers have always been a bit of a weak point with me - I'm much better at tying together lots of single images to make a comic than I am making one image that sums a whole story up (if you see what I mean).

Credit where credit's due; Tharg-in-Residence Matt Smith was the one who came up with the stained glass window concept, and of course, without Rob Williams' amazing character Dirty Frank there'd be no cover to start with. Simon Parr's excellent design work (for example integrating stained glass into the 2000AD logo) really added the finishing touch that helped make this one a winner. Plus, apologies to the unknown 14th-Century stained-glass artist whose composition I nicked for the window design ;-)

2000AD Covers Uncovered

While I'm at it, it's well past time that I bigged-up 2000AD Covers Uncovered, Pete Wells' amazing blog devoted to step-by-step demos by a whole passel of 2000AD creators showing their different working processes. It's a fascinating read for anyone interested in the process of making artwork, a tribute to the time and effort put in by the creators of 2000AD, and a great resource for nicking ideas from.

Pete kindly did an extended  Easter Special on "Stained Glass Frank," check it out here.

Finally I'm waaayy behind on thanking the members of the 2000AD message board who voted "Stained Glass Frank" Cover of the Year 2009 on 2000AD Covers Uncovered's poll. I was ill around Christmas and missed Pete's original email notifying me of the result, and since then I've been scurrying to catch up on deadlines and D'Blog has ended up being rather neglected. And the dog ate my homework.


Mike Gloady said...

Nice to see you back and on your digital feet as it were.

Pete's blog is a belter and he puts a lot of work in so it's well worth anyone having a look even if (whisper it) they're not regular 2000ad readers (the FOOLS).

Emperor said...

A much deserved win on the 2000AD forums and it is great to see it get a nomination here. Thanks to you (and Pete Wells) it is clear how important the collaborative process is to creating great covers.

Good luck with voting.