Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lowlife: Hostile Takeover Part One

Jon Davis-Hunt's trulys scrotnig* cover for 2000AD Prog 1700
© 2010 Rebellion Developments/2000AD 

2000AD Prog 1700 is upon us, and with it the first episode of Lowlife: Hostile Takeover. This one's a real roller coaster ride - there's gang war in the Lowlife as the Yakuza make a move on the Big Man, but can Dirty Frank stop them when he can’t even trust his own Wally Squad colleagues anymore? Part one finishes with a real bang and the story doesn't let up from there. I'm drawing episode nine of ten right now, and I can't wait to see how it ends.

Heavy Metal Kids from the Judge Dredd: Robot Wars storyline,  Progs 10-17
Art by Mike McMahon
© 2010 Rebellion Developments/2000AD

For Lowlife: Creation, I had fun re-creating a classic Carlos Ezquerra H-Wagon. This time round, I delved a bit further back into Mega-City history for the design of Trev the Robot. Keen-eyed long-time Squaxx** may spot that Trev is a slightly-modified Heavy Metal Kid, the demolition robot that formed the backbone of Call-Me-Kenneth's army in the Judge Dredd: Robot Wars storyline (Progs 10-17). He was meant to be old, second-hand and tough enough to break into bank vaults, so the fit was perfect. 

Cross-Dressing Trev the robot, from Lowlife: Hostile Takeover part one.
© 2010 Rebellion Developments/2000AD

*For non-2000AD readers: "scrotnig" is a compliment.
**For non-2000AD readers: "Squaxx" is not an insult.

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Pete Wells said...

Absolutely outstanding work as usual sir! The cross-dressing Heavy Metal Kid was hilarious and that last page quite literally blew me away!

Hope you've got lots of covers on the way!