Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Snapped Like a Twig!

Panel from Lowlife: Hostile Takeover Part 7 inked and greytoned in Manga Studio EX
Lowlife © 2010 Rebellion Developments/2000AD
Lowlife Created by Rob Williams and Henry Flint

Okay, so getting back to the UK and faced with several days submerged in inking for the already-week-late Part 7 of Lowlife: Hostile Takeover, I threw caution to the winds and just started blasting away in Manga Studio EX. Nothing like New Toy Frenzy to keep me at the drawing board.

It's already paying off as I can noodle away doing fiddly backgrounds like this much faster than in Illustrator (and, surprisingly, Photoshop too). The final version will have extra grit and texture added, but this is what came out of MSEX.

Click on the pic to see it big.


Jim Campbell said...

Ooh. There's a McMahon-ey, Kennedy-ish looseness in the blacks and the line on what I presume is the landing pad structure right of panel which is just lovely. I look forward to seeing more, hopefully here but otherwise in the prog. Good stuff, sir. :-)

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to this Lowlife!