Friday, April 20, 2012

Leviathan Hits the States!

Cover for the new Leviathan US Edition (based on a 2000AD cover from  2003)
Leviathan © 2012 Rebellion Developments/2000AD
Created by Ian Edginton and Me.
Delighted to announce that Leviathan is finally getting a US edtion - official release date was the 17th so it should be available for order from your favourite comics shop, or you can buy online from the publisher, Simon & Schuster.

Leviathan is an occult murder-mystery story set on a mile-long ocean liner that's been adrift on strange seas for more than a decade. The guys at Broken Frontier did us an excellent review with page samples, and the press release from 2000ADonline is here.

The original UK hardback edition of Leviathan is now out of print, but for UK readers who missed it, a new trade paperback edition came out last year.

Finally, a confession; I'm a little embarassed by the cover to the US edition. This was done originally for 2000AD when Leviathan was running as a serial. 2000AD has a history of parody covers, and this one was a direct take on the movie poster for the 2002 film Ghost Ship (itself a take on the poster for the 1980 film Death Ship.) I did a different, much subtler cover for the UK edition, but the US distributors preferred this one. So if you're thinking you've seen this image before… yes, you have, and yes, yes, I know…


Anonymous said...

Any place one to buy a digital copy of this? I'd love to read it, but paper is so passé.

Herc said...

I bought the UK version at San Deigo a few years ago and loved. Your work is always an inspiration. I also ordered the Timulo collection last year. Nice to be able to read it all in one sitting. Look forward to your next work.

Laura Pádua said...

Adorei seu blog,muito legal,interessante e bonito...Também tenho um,ele chama I Love You!!Qualquer dia passa lá!!