Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Who's Who?

Dirty Frank gets zapped in the last panel of Lowlife: Saudade part 4
Lowlife Saudade copyright Rebellion Developments Ltd/2000AD.
Lowlife created by Rob Williams and Henry Flint. 
Quick pop quiz: can you identify the various background aliens in this panel? They're all from early on in the history of the Dredd universe. The Kleggs you already know, of course.

(The two humans aren't anyone in particular - it's the aliens we're after.)

Answers on Saturday morning.


David Rees said...

Well, I see Trapper Hag plus Murd and one of his googly-eyed minions, but the fella at top right has me scratching my head at present. Hmmm. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for Prog 1808 to land on my doormat (the perils of an overseas subscription).

Eamonn Clarke said...

From the left:
Murd the Oppressor from the Judge Child
Trapper Hag?
A Watcher from the Judge Child saga
and don't know the Reptilian one?

Jim Campbell said...

I only got the Murd-a-like… is that a Trapper in the background?