Sunday, July 02, 2006

10pm On A Sunday...

...and I'm still at it. Mind you, I'd have been done by 8pm
if I'd not sat around posing for photographs ;-)


Graeme Neil Reid said...

Ah yes, doing the "Listen Again" on Radio 7, fantastic service and brilliant to listen too as you work away. Nice blog and fantastic work your posting. Been a big fan for many a year now but have found your recent work on Leviathan and WoW's just superb. Found the hardback of WoW in a book shop the other day and was blown away by it, I hadn't a clue that it was on the web before so when I saw it in the shop I was twitching like a kid on too much sugar! Keep at it and keep posting!


Unknown said...

Glad War of the Worlds hit the spot - it damn near killed me though, as I was drawing the pages in real time to keep up with the website. Six months without a day off... but the guys at Dark Horse did a terrific job with the production. I owe a real debt to designer Amy Arendts, who even managed to make the Jeff Wayne ad on the back cover look tasteful!
Radio 7 has been my lifeline for the past year, though they cycle through material on a yearly basis, so I've now got to the point where I'm hearing a lot of stuff from last year over again. Result is I'm drifting back to Radio 4 for most of the day, and just cherry-picking stuff from Radio 7 - I think I was listening to "Journey Into Space" when the photo was taken.

Unknown said...

I've just discovered the amazing "Morning Coffee" extension for Firefox - it lets you bookmark pages for particular days of the week and then opens them in tabs at the click of a button; I've preset a week's worth of "listen Again" pages from BBC7 and it works like a dream!

Anonymous said...

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