Monday, July 17, 2006

Dredd Cover Out!

2000AD and Judge Dredd are trademarks of and copyright © 2006 Rebellion Developments Ltd. This image used for review purposes as defined by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Here it is, 2000AD Prog 1497, dated 19th July 06; it's for a new story featuring Citizen Snork, which is what I didn't want to give away by showing the background figures in earlier posts.
I was going to post an unlettered copy so you could see who I hid behind the 2000AD logo, but I realised on reading the comic that he doesn't appear yet, so I'll save that one for another week.
Meantime you can have a go at spotting my Hitchcock-style cameo somewhere among the Weirdies in the background. If you need a clue, there's a picture of me here.

(If you've missed this issue (2000AD Prog 1497, 19th July 2006) at the newsagent's, you can order back issues from Tharg's Future Shop on the 2000AD website)

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