Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Shape Of Things To Come...

Tharg The Mighty is © 2006 Rebellion Developments. Representation of Tharg is purely symbolic; actual Tharg-in-residence Matt Smith is larger than this, and flesh-coloured.

...and a blast from the past at the same time. I originally drew this for an interview on 2000AD, but, ever the Yorkshireman, I thought it would recycle nicely on the banner of this blog, given that I'm back working for 2000AD from this month. Given the way that my deadlines are already grinding against my house-move, I fear this really will be my life for the next couple of months or so; still, I'd be bitching even more if I was out of work.


Boril Boshnakov said...

Hello Matt,
nice to meet you here;) I am a friend from Alex Maleev, we have met each other at the comic convention in Aviles last year. It was a great time there.

Your Pic "The Shape of Things To Come..." is great! That is the way we feel somethimes, and I think we need this little fiend over us.

Best Regards from me and Berlin!
Boril Boshnakov

Anonymous said...


That's a great little banner!

Any hints on Stickleback? or should I just wait for it to sideswipe me from behind Origins?

Unknown said...

Ach, ja, natürlich erinere ich, Boril! Wir haben ein bißchen Deutsch gesprochen, oder? "Gruß Gott" aus Nottingham :-)

Dankell - have no fear, I'll start letting a few hints escape once Stickleback's actually in production...

Boril Boshnakov said...

Ja ganz genau!

Dann Grüß Gott auch nach Nottingham;)

Anonymous said...

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