Sunday, December 17, 2006

Chris Weston's Invasion of Normandy

Comics titan and all-round lovely man Chris Weston has published an extensive report on the Lille festival in his blog -

Chris Weston's Lille Report

Chris Weston's Blog Homepage

It has to be said, Chris went far beyond the call of duty at Lille, taking sketches away with him to complete over lunch (and leaving early to return to the venue). Over the weekend I did maybe half as much drawing as he did, and I thought my hands were going to drop off...

(left: Chris Weston at the Halle Des Sucres, Lille, on Saturday evening.)

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Anonymous said...

i met chris weston at the asylum a couple years back and must say that he has the most detailed sketch in my collection. it did cost me £20 but was well worth it, it took around 40 minutes to do and there was a massive queue behind me! its of rogue trooper bu the by... And on another note, Stickleback is bloody amazing! thats some artwork going into there, no wonder you've been fallen behind!

from michael