Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Scarlet Editions

Just this morning I received my proof copy of the new collected edition of Scarlet Traces: The Great Game. I have to say, this book has the best interior printing of any of our editions; the colours on some of the pages look almost luminous. Amy Arendts has done her usual wonderful job, designing the book to match The War Of The Worlds and the new second printing of Scarlet Traces, which Ian reports having seen on sale already in London. We're going to do our damnedest to acquire stock of the new editions for Bristol, so we can sell them as sets. Dark Horse are also in discussion with us about putting together some Scarlet Traces merchandise, including a poster and possibly a bookmark.

As I was photographing the books for this post, it occurred to me for the first time - we got us a trilogy here, boys!

Thanks again to Dave De Dark Horse and Amy for the love and care they've put into our projects; they've given Ian and me a library to be proud of. Not only have the Dark Horse editions been beautiful in themselves, but they've raised the game in general; I'm told they inspired Rebellion to put extra effort into their own book design for Leviathan and XTNCT.


Graeme Neil Reid said...

Not that I won't be buying the second printing of ST anyway but does this version have any new material, sketches or notes etc. that the first edition didn't?

Seonaidh said...

I for one want to see the special edition slipcase with all steps and stairs inside so that mismatched but much loved volumes sit neatly together ;P

Or perhaps a convention exclusive "D'Bit O'Wood" to fill the gap.

'Grats on completion and all that. I'm already looking forward to owning my very own professionally defaced hardback copy of Great Game.

Unknown said...

Graeme - under the skin the second edition is the same as the first, I'm afraid - no "extra extras."

Seonaidh - "D'Bit O'Wood" is a stroke of Genius! ILOL!

Anonymous said...

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