Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Adventures Of Massimo Belardinelli Across The Third Dimension

Eric Moore's model of a Biog Living Axe, based on a design by Massimo Belardinelli from Dan Dare, 2000AD, 1977.

Earthlet Eric Moore sent me some pictures of his model of the Biog Living Axe from the Belardinelli Dan Dare pages I posted a while ago. I found his perspective on Belardinelli's work fascinating: "I always loved the yuckiness of the aliens, but it wasn't till I went to make one in 3D and had to study the anatomy of them that I really appreciated what he (Belardinelli) came up with."

Eric Moore's Martian from H.G. Wells' War Of The Worlds

Eric also sent me a photo of this diorama of a Martian from Wells' War Of The Worlds (above). He says he went back to basics and worked directly from Wells' own descriptions of the creatures in the novel, but where the descriptions were ambiguous, I'm flattered to say he referred to my Martian design from the Scarlet Traces series (largely for the wide spacing of the eyes).

Left: My Martian design from the Scarlet Traces series.


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Love the Martian figure !!

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