Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Treat For Mangamax...

More from Judge Dredd: Time's Squared; this time from a panel featuring the Robot Wars and the original small-chinned, skull-helmetted Judge Dredd.

I've always said that I love drawing Dredd so much because he's the only character I've worked on that I also read as a child; a double thrill then, to draw the exact Dredd I remember from that time (the first copy of 2000AD I ever read was number 11, containing the second episode of Robot Wars, albeit drawn by Ron Turner and not Mike McMahon, who I'm pastiching here).

This job has also been an excellent excuse to spend time reading old Dredd stories under the excuse of "reference." I was a tad hampered by the fact that I was in Edinburgh and my books were still in Nottingham, so many thanks to Graeme Neil Reid of this parish for helping me out with reference for the early Dredd stories.

I don't usually get advance notification of when a story will see print, but I'll keep an eye on my subscription copies and post as soon as it comes through.


Graeme Neil Reid said...

He, he, looking top notch and old school! A visual treat in the waiting. Are you going to show us some technocolor before the release?

paulhd said...

Ooh, that's lovely. In many ways the old school Dredd was my favourite version, can't wait to read this story.

Mangamax said...

Ha ha!
Can't wait to be 15 again!
Ta for the very juicy taster Mr D.