Monday, November 05, 2007

Virgin Pentel Brush Pen

It'll never look like this again; a Pentel Brush Pen before the first ink cartridge goes in

Much to my annoyance, I seem to have lost the pencil case containing my sketching kit. Sentimentality aside (I've had that pencil case since I was fifteen), it contained my battered but much-loved and locally-unavailable Pentel Brush Pens, so when I was down in London last week, I bought a couple of replacements.

I'd forgotten that the incredibly hard-wearing* nylon brush tip is, in its virgin state, pure white, so I photographed the new one before loading it with ink. It reminded me that I'd loaded my first-ever brush pen on a crowded tube train on the way back from the shop; in the end, half a carriage of bored Piccadilly Line commuters were watching, hypnotised, as the band of black ink crept slowly down to the point of the brush tip.


*My eldest brush pen had survived sixteen years of continuous (ab)use.


spleenal said...

ah memories memories, i remember when i first got mine. "weird" i thought. the nib/brush was white! untill the ink started to come through.

Groc said...
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Groc said...

I've been looking for a brush pen like that for years!

Need one.

steve pugh said...

they're made of an incredible fiber, i used to cut them up to make indestructible detail brushes, i could get three per pen.
i mail order them from here:

they've got the cheaper wash pens too, made of the same stuff

Jonathan Edwards said...

I've been using mine now for 7 years, almost 8. Now that's value for money!

Anonymous said...

I just got my wife her first pentel brush pen. We jammed the ink cartridge in there and kept wondering if we did something wrong... forgot a cap... or whatever. Did a quick google search, found this page, and saw you describing the thin black ink coming down... then noticed ours too lol. Thanks! ;)

Anonymous said...

I actually just kind of invented something of my own. I mean its not patented or anything, but I was just messing around with some stuff at home. I basically made a pen in the same design of one of thos highlighters with liquid ink inside but something that looks beyong 'pen' style.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...