Monday, July 21, 2008

Cover to the final part of The Vort (2000AD Prog 1596)
The Vort © Rebellion Developments/2000AD
The Vort created by G. Powell & Me

The final episode of The Vort is out, and we have the big reveal as to Crispy's identity. If you've read it, you'll either love it or hate it. I'm saving my comments till the end of the week, so everyone will have had a chance to read the thing before I talk about the big spoiler.


james corcoran said...

Loved the cover!Did not see the big reveal coming to be honest,certainly not when the story started I suppose thats testament to the writing as initally I saw it as being a straight war is bad and we're killing the planet story.Overall I've really enjoyed it and its great seeing your colour work in the prog

Anonymous said...

Now make with the commentary! By the way, loved the whole project from start to finish. It can't be easy keeping things a secret in this wacky interweb age.

Anonymous said...

I was a bit ... well it felt a bit like a let down initially when I realised it was an established character in there.

However, i realise that I'd like to see more of this sort of thing: but incorporated better.

Stories of incidental characters & situations (like the way that this dealt with the shittiness of war & environmental things) because with 'incidental characters' you don't have to carry the 'weight' of an established character. Then established character cuts swathe through a story THEN stay with the indidentals & see the effects as well.
That would be more satisfying... that's what annoyed me about the ending - you care for the photojournalist & pow - at the end you get another character in there which completely steals her light...

With this, I would have liked a last page of her to wind things up properly (epilogue) - that would have made things more palatable

Anonymous said...

I've been a bit behind on my comics and so i've just read the last 11 issues of 2000AD in one sitting - laughing in the face of impending 'thrill-power overload' i might add.

Anyway, i just wanted to say how much i enjoyed the story and particularly the artwork.

When a new story with new characters starts off in 2000AD you can normally tell whether you are going to like it or not from it's first episode and i bought into it straight away. This is all the more remarkable as i think it's been a while since storylines other than those of the 'heavy hitters' of Dredd, Alpha, etc has had such an impact.
With regard to the ending (and i'm glad i only found this blog today!), i thought it was an interesting surprise and i certainly didn't guess it. Even the fact that i can't stand Lobster Random didn't lose any points as far as i'm concerned. In fact, i'd prefer it if you carried on drawing him because then i might pay more attention to his future outings!

Whilst i'm here, i would also quickly like to say how much i enjoyed your computer colouring lecture in Nottingham back in 2001. It was during the The Law Exhibition at the Galleries of Justice. I did mention at the time though that it was a shame you couldn't use a quieter room and i don't know if you've repeated the experience since. Many thanks for the brilliant Lazarus sketch which i will finally get around to displaying, along with some others, on my web-site in the next day or so.

Anonymous said...

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