Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Drawing from Scratch in Manga Studio

Roughs - most of the straight lines are snapping automatically to the perspective rulers
Rough Pencils - these are mostly drawn freehand on layers over the roughs,
using the Page Rotate tool where helpful
Last week I finished an episode of Lowlife: Hostile Takeover in Manga Studio for the first time, but that episode had been pencilled in Illustrator; with episode 8 I'm trying to draw the whole shebang from scratch in Manga Studio.

I decided to jump in at the deep end with an elaborate perspective shot; I wasn't sure how easy it would be to draw in perspective in Manga Studio, and if it wasn't going to work I needed to know straight away. In Illustrator I'd have to generate perspective grids and draw along them without the benefit of a Page Rotate tool; Manga Studio's Perspective Rulers allow me to draw straight lines that automatically snap to the vanishing points (top image). The Page Rotate tool helps the process along.

Rough Pencils without the underlying roughs - there's still some tidying-up to be
done here, but much of the page will be inked straight from these.

Result? This doesn't look much different from what I was doing in Illustrator, which is the point, though perhaps the drawing has a slightly more lively,  gestural quality to it (something I like). I think this went more quickly, mostly because of being able to lay down lines rapidly in Manga Studio - in Illustrator the lines have to be drawn a bit more slowly and carefully as they "jump" into a very slightly different position when finished; quickly drawn lines often fail to complete properly.


james corcoran said...

Looks great and as someone starting out in Manga studio very helpful!

Graeme Neil Reid said...

I keep hearing about those perspective tools in MS and thinking I could do with a shot of those. Keep at it Matt, you'll master it and tell all of us how its done as you go along :)

Unknown said...

I always find your work in progress posts to be interesting and informative, and sometimes downright fascinating.

Showing how you're learning about Manga Studio's capabilities is great, the more I read, the more I want to give it a try.

More please!

Unknown said...

Thanks guys, much appreciated. I'm having great fun learning this stuff, I'm glad my banging on about it isn't too tedious.

Graphicus said...

I really like that kind of introduction, and showing how easy it is:)This makes me want to use it:) keep it up, i will gladly see next steps and further ipressions of yours. By the way, you got mail:)

Gary Crutchley said...

Tis a cracking piece of software. Wrestlin with all the dohickies it's got to offer meself, and now your postin' what you're learning.
You're gonna have to start charging fer all this knowledge that you're sharing.