Saturday, September 01, 2012

2000AD Signing in Birmingham

Thanks to everyone at FP Birmingham for making today's signing such a fun event! The event went swimmingly, with myself and Mark Harrison (who I had the pleasure of meeting properly for the first time, and is a real gent) kept busy sketching and signing for the whole time. Everybody was very patient, as both us artists had forgotten to bring pencils, so some of the sketches were a bit ropey!

 It was lovely to catch up with my old mucker Ian Edginton too (who was signing, but being a writer, not sketching.) Special thanks to the staff at Birmingham FP for the TLC and chocolate fingers, and not kicking me out for licking the Daleks.

Sketches from the 2000AD/Dredd signing at Forbidden Planet in Birmingham
(click to see full-sized images on Flickr)
I've been pretty bad about posting my "sketchees" photos over the last couple of years (I have a backlog going back to Bristol 2011), but this time I decided I'd get straight down to it. Where I don't know names, I've labelled the photos with the subject of the sketch. If anyone is unhappy with having their photo up here (or wants me to add or amend information, please get in touch.

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