Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lowlife Aliens Quiz Answers

The host of Aliens from the last episode of Lowlife: Saudade
All characters copyright Rebellion Developments Ltd/2000AD.
Lowlife created by Rob Williams and Henry Flint 
Judge Dredd created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra
Creators of individual characters listed below

Answers to last week’s quiz: I’ve included Prog numbers for each characters first appearance, plus the “JDCF” number tells you which volume of The Complete Judge Dredd Case Files that story is reprinted in.

To the best of my knowledge, all these characters first appeared in stories written by John Wagner; artists are credited below.

1) Already introduced in the story and this blog, but I’ll not leave them out; the Kleggs, Alien mercinaries intoroduced by Judge Cal to keep the poplulation of Mega-City One in line during the Day the Law Died saga, (first appearance Prog 94, JDCF 2), first drawn by Brian Bolland (in an episode inked by Gary Leach.) 

2) Just some guys, y’know?

3) (From the race of) Trapper Hag, an alien bounty hunter who caused all sorts of trouble for Dredd back in Prog 305 (JDCF 6). Armed with a hi-tech force field, formidable physical strength and some nasty alien hounds, Hag killed a number of judges in the pursuit of his human prey. Despite his name, there's no indication as to whether Hag contains less caffeine that other comparable trappers. Artist: Steve Dillon.

4) (From the race of) the necromancer Murd the Oppressor, the vile sorceress from the Judge Child Saga parts 15 &16 (Progs 170/171, JDCF 4) Native to the planet Necros, she was the guardian of the giant toad Sagbelly, the only source of the drug Oracle Spice, which Dredd needed to find the Judge Child Owen Krysler. Murd pops up again in flashback as the mentor of the necromancer Sabbat in the Judgement Day saga. Artist: Mick McMahon.

5) A Guardian, servant of Murd the Oppressor, from the same story (Progs 170/171, JDCF 4). Artist: Mick McMahon.

6) This one’s a real pig - he appears in only one panel during part 17 of the Judge Child Saga (Prog 172, JDCF 4). He’s playing a board game with Prosser, The Jigsaw Man, just before we get the big reveal and see what Jigsaw Disease is. Artist: Brian Bolland. 


Herc said...

Awesome. I bet you had such a blast drawing them.

David Rees said...

No wonder that last one had me stumped... More of this kind of thing, please!