Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bristol Comics Expo 2008 Report

Mike Conroy

Bristol 2008: Mike Conroy hands over the organization of next years Eagle Awards to his daughter Cassandra.

Just finished my photo report on this year's Bristol Comics Expo and uploaded it onto my Flickr site. I've tried to do it as an overview for people who don't go to the show (or even follow comics that much) so there's not really any personal diary-type stuff in there. I might try more of that next time.

Left: "Don't worry, it's only me, a dodgy-looking middle-aged man who likes photographing young girls in leotards and bunny costumes. Just pretend I'm not there."

There's some stuff in there about the Eagle Awards, but not a full list of winners; for that you want

Thanks to everybody who didn't poke a finger in my face when I poked a camera in theirs. I had a brilliant weekend, seeing most of my regulars, doing lots of signing and sketching, selling loads of books, meeting new people, actually catching up with old mates in the bar and winning an Eagle Award to boot (it's not the winning of course, it's earning Gary Erskine's undying hatred that counts:-)

And now it's time for me to stop pretending to be Carl de Keyzer and get back to the business of drawing comics.

Update: some of my photos have been used to illustrate David Hailwood's report on Bristol Comics Expo 2008.

Stormtroopers On The Road

Outside the Ramada Plaza Hotel: definitely not the droids they are looking for

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