Monday, May 12, 2008

Hall Of Fame

Nearly everyone who got a sketch from me at Bristol... click on the images to go the full-sized versions on Flickr.

I asked permission to Blog these, but if you'd rather your picture was taken down, just let me know and I'll remove it.

I've titled the photos based on names (if I know them or can read them from the dedications) or, failing that, the subject of the sketch. If you spot an error, leave a comment of the photo page on Flickr and I'll sort it out.


shane oakley said...

matt!!!! huge he-man hugs and hearty cheers for the eagle, easily earned, and well overdue. but for the life of me, i can't understand why you didn't win; best artist, best colourist, best series, best use of texture, best victorian rooftops, best villain, and just, best best!
most of those other guys are nothing but dandruff on the mighty lion mane of matt brooker(okay, you haven't got anything like a mane, more like a weird overgrown action man crew cut...but y get what i'm saying).
seriously, congratulations, and really sweet of you to put me in the 'thank you' roll call, whatever i helped you with, i never gave you all that TALENT.
bravo, mate.

shane oakley said...

what a dick, i'am, left my comment on the wrong post...bin one of those years.

Richard said...

2 down , 5 across.
On first looking I thought you'd knocked out a sketch for Cliff Richard.

Oh, and well done on the Eagle - much deserved indeed - any news on the other results?

Mangamax said...

Indeed - big time congrats on the Eagle, you must be dead chuffed.
Left a post over on your Flickr site but worth repeating here - much thanks on the excellent Spider you did for me via my Sketch Monkey Matthew.
Brilliant take on my second favourite British 70's character and love the "nipple clamps".
Much like Chris Weston's "techno bra" comments over the same device, something that looked cool and different in the 70's can be viewed completely differently in this more world-wise modern world.