Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stickleback Signing at FP Birmingham

Me and Ian at the signing (photograph by Trav, click here to see his photos of the event)

Ah well, if ever I'd been tempted to get too far up myself over my new-found Eagle Award winner celebrity status, last weekend's signing at Forbidden Planet Birmingham would have been the cure. I do feel I should offer an apology to the nice folks at FP who looked after us so well (especially Nikki, who gave us muffins!), as alas, we only drew a handful of people.

The good news is that Stickleback (and our other collections) are selling well, so hopefully we offset the expenses of the day. Looks like I won't be in a position to demand red M&Ms only for a good few years yet.

Thanks everso to those of you who did turn up and made us feel wanted, and to Trav for photographing the event and letting me have a play with his Eos 5D.

Dave gets a Robert Autumn sketch. More on Flickr.


Benjamin said...

Damn it, damn it, DAMN IT!

I was all set to go to that and totally forgot.

Mea culpa.

So that's Eddie Campbell and you guys I've missed in the last 3 weeks. Gah!

(my P.A. can not get back from holiday soon enough...)

(if it's any consolation, I've bought a Stickleback from the Page 45 crew and another one from the dreaded Waterclone's to press on a mate)

Next time eh?

Hugely enjoyed the Voort too whilst I think to mention.

Traveller28 said...

Great signing! Good to meet you guys too :)

Anonymous said...

I'd already pre-ordered one from FP so thats another sale :)

Mangamax said...

Drat, drat and double drat.
Would've been there if it weren't for work.

David said...

Hi Matt
I pre-ordered a signed copy from FP in London, but somehow they've mananged to cock it up! Can I buy a signed Stickleback directly from your goodself?