Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year!

Stickleback: parodied on the Forbidden Planet Blog, returning to 2000AD later this year.
Stickleback © 2009 Rebellion Developments/2000AD
Created by Ian Edginton & me.

Happy 2009 everyone! Yes, another year has gone by with me just doing drawings all day and somehow getting paid for it. That's 20 years in a row now. I'm beginning to think it's not a fluke.

On opening my email for the first time this year, I discover that Joe Gordon has taken the mickey out of Stickleback in his spoof "Alternate Best of the Year" for the Forbidden Blanet Blog. Not only do we get spoofed, we get spoofed ahead of Batman, Marvel & DC crossovers and Fables. Fame at last!

Stickleback also make it onto Joe's proper "Best of the Year" list, too. But in an odd way, the spoof means more... because if you're being parodied, there's an assumption there that people will have heard of you. Wow.


G.G. said...

Stickleback also made it onto my list:

I'm looking forward to the next series! I also asked Tharg for a Stickleback lunchbox.

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff altogether - I'll have to get this !.I've always liked your drawing and story telling - Just great to see some original looking style and substance out there .

Glad to have found your blog .
CHeers .