Friday, January 16, 2009

Who Killed Round Robin?

My last contribution to online comics game Who Killed Round Robin?
(The Hierophant Of Zoktar created by Ian Culbard.)

Thanks largely to the efforts of Craig Conlan, Dave Taylor, Colin Fawcett and particularly Ian Culbard (for helping keep us all on track continuity-wise at the end) the online comics game Who Killed Round Robin thundered to a successful conclusion 0n December 31st 2008.

It's hellishly difficult to keep these things on track (most of these games peter out in a morass of competing contradictory storylines), so getting this one to a conclusion is an achievement in itself. Read in an Airtight Garage frame of mind, it could even be said to make sense; but it's worth a look mostly for the host of fun moments along the way.

I managed only a measly eight contributions to WKRR, but I'm hoping to do better with HUZZAH! , the new game that started on 1st January this year.


D.TAYLOR said...

You're forgetting Colin Fawcett without who we wouldn't have an ending!
Looking forward to your new HUZZAH "plates", may there be a whole host of them!

Unknown said...


(I've sorted that out now Dave, thanks for pointing out my omission.)

Rob Davis said...

Hi Matt

Loved that Hierophant of Zoktar plate, says it all about WKRR. Funny you should mention the Airtight Garage because that's just what WKRR made me think of.

In some ways HUZZAH!! is even more like the Airtight Garage (it's more obviously SF fantasy for a start), I hope it's a little more accessible for the occasional reader as well.

I look forward to seeing your HUZZAH!! plates!


Unknown said...

Hi Rob - the story I heard is that The Airtight Garage was Mœbius playing this kind of game on his own - the first episode was meant to be a one-shot but when his editor at Metal Hurlant asked for the next part (and Mœbius couldn't remember what it was about), he started another thread, then kept adding more threads until he got the art for the first episode back. From then on he would continue the thread for whichever episode was returned to him that month...

Unknown said...

That plate stands out in my memory as one of the most striking in WKRR. Just lovely.

Lowlife's looking very impressive!