Monday, June 29, 2009

2-D Festival, Derry


Derry seen from the river Foyle

Thanks to David Campbell and everyone else at Derry for the marvellous week I spent at the 2D comics festival. 2D was organized on a European-style pattern; there were classes, workshops and lectures during the week, with a more familiar UK-style comic event (with traders and guests sketching) at the weekend. The pace was relaxed, the hospitality excellent, the ice-cream beyond belief; there was even random dancing in the street when the evening got a little chilly (though sadly, no photos thereof).

I missed quite a few people this trip, but here are (top row) Aaron with Lazarus Churchyard, Aaron with Batman, (bottom row) Eddie with a bear from Kingdom of the Wicked and Paul with a Death from Sandman.

I asked permission to Blog these, but if you'd rather your picture was taken down, just let me know and I'll remove it.

Reservoir Dogs: guests Gary Leach, Rufus Dayglo and Declan Shalvey all argue over who gets to be Mister Black while organiser David Campbell looks on. Meanwhile, I walk backwards into a bollard.

2D Monster Competition Selection 13

Gary Leach & Rufus Dayglo sifting the hundreds of entries for the 2D schools competition.

General 01

The guest artists sketching for the crowds on the Saturday.

Matt Draw Anatomy

I struggle with a particularly thorny problem of anatomy while sketching.

General 05

2D included activities for children, such as the Monster Drawing Wall

General 03

The event was covered by BBC radio and documentary film makers.

Bryan Talbot & Fan

David Lloyd & Fan

2D is a relaxed, informal event in which fans get the chance to mix with creators - even international stars such as Bryan Talbot and David Lloyd - in a way not possible in the bigger mainland events.

Mike Collins explains to Bridgeen Gillespie and Bryan Talbot how he once nearly had the Cosmic Cube in his grasp.

Declan & Bertie The Bulldog

"You won't put that on your blog, will you?"
"No, no Declan, of course I won't."

The full set of photos from 2D is available to view on Flickr.


Azraelito said...

Wow incredile photos..

Well I have to say that keep up the good work and it would be cool to se more work of you with Ian Edginton!You make an incredible couple in comics, and all the things you do are incredible!!

more scarlet traces please .D

well saludos from argentina!!

yeap argentina, you reach so far!!

ps: I read your articles about alberto breccia, awesome what you say about him and his work.

Declan Shalvey said...

Damn you to hell Brooker!

Stephen Mooney said...

Living. Joke.