Thursday, April 08, 2010

ComicDom 2010 and CoFix Exhibition

I'll be a guest at Comicdom Con 2010 (Ελληνικα) in Athens on April 16th-18th. Living just "up the road" in Thessaloniki, I'm a cheap date for them, of course. I'll be signing, sketching and doing a class in comic colouring* over the weekend.

*already fully subscribed!

I've also discovered, much to my surprise, that there's a Greek edition of Leviathan (Λεβιαθαν) - though I only found this out when I went into a bookshop with Dr. F. and she spotted a copy on the shelves. ::UPDATE:: Today I was informed that I should have copies of Λεβιαθαν to sign at ComicDom. 

(For UK readers: I believe Rebellion are planning a re-issue of Leviathan in English, in the new standard 2000AD TPB format. More news soon.)

I've also got a modest exhibition running at the CoFix comics bar in Thessaloniki until the end of April. I'll be signing and sketching at a special event at CoFix on 22nd April. The pages on display are all digital artwork from Leviathan (Λεβιαθαν), The War of the Worlds, Scarlet Traces and Scarlet Traces: The Great Game. All prints are for sale, €15 for A3 single pages and €30 for A2 double page spreads.
CoFix Bar
Lori Margariti 11
Tel: 2310 250011


Dimitris said...

Hello Mr. D'Israeli :)

Thanks for your nice lecture previously today in ComicdomCon Athens.

I'll search later for your adaptation of WotW, cause you really got me excited with your presentation.


Unknown said...

Thanks Dimitris - I've made a new post with a link to the WotW comic, so everyone can find it.