Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blasts from the Past

Left: Timularo (The Collected Timulo)
Right: Odds and Sods (For Comics Bods)

To celebrate my 21st anniversary as a professional comic artist, I'm releasing two collections of material from my archives for sale from Lulu.com:

Odds and Sods (For Comics Bods) is a sixty-four page collection of little-seen and out-of the way pieces - private commissions, convention pieces, illustrations, test pieces, and 17.5 pages of comics including two experimental colour strips never before published in the English-speaking world!

BUY NOW from Lulu.com

Timularo (The collected Timulo) not only brings together all 49 pages* of the original Deadline strip for the first time, it includes the 32-page sequel Consequences, concept sketches and character designs for both strips, Who Me? the 10-page first draught of Consequences, first-ever Mark E.D'Sade strip A Fistful of Fingers, samples of Timulo-precursor strips Az!muth and The City Hall Job, a three-page taster of the long-delayed Consequences sequel City of Night, and more, in a tasty 168-page volume, all in glowing black & white.
Normally I'd announce all-new cover artwork or some such, but such was the volume of additional material I produced for Timulo,  I've been able provide covers and additional illustrations using unpublished material from the early 1990's.

BUY NOW from Lulu.com

I'll be releasing both books into the wild† at Thought Bubble in Leeds this weekend -  they'll be selling at a special convention price with bonus postcards.

Once the hurly-burly of preparations for Thought Bubble is out of the way, I'll be making these books available via print-on-demand; watch this space for details.

*The final four-page episode of Timulo, originally presented in colour, is collected in black & white in this edition.
†Copies of Odds and Sods were sold in a test run at the 2-D Festival in Derry in 2009, the last UK convention I attended.

Pages from the original Timulo strip (1989-90) first published in Deadline magazine.
Timulo © 2010 Me.
Consequences, the sequel to Timulo, also collected in this new edition.
Consequences & Timulo © 2010 Me.
Additonal material includes the first ever Mark E D'Sade story from 1985 and Who Me? the first draft of Consequences. All this stuff © 2010 Me.


Jamie Beamish said...

Aw Timulo! Brilliant!! These look great sir. I'll definitely have to get my hands on them when they're on general release. Let us know what your plans are to sell them after Leeds. best wishes. JB

Anonymous said...

I loved this strip and still have all the Deadline issues. Where can an American purchase this book. I would love to have it.

Paddy Brown said...

I cannot tell you how delighted I am that Timulo is at last to be collected. My favourite strip from Deadline, bar none.

Maybe Philip Bond'll collect Wired World next. We can but hope.

Jayleon said...

Fishpaste be praised, I am happy. And am falling over myself to give you whatever it costs for Timularo. Not being lucky enough to be going to TB10. How can I FINALLY get one? Amazon? Dave’s comics? Sweaty used notes sent in an envelope marked PRIVATE! NO WARREN ELLIS’S ALLOWED?

Unknown said...

I'm amazed anyone still remember it!

I'll be putting the book out via print-on-demand once Thought Bubble's out of the way. More next week.

Jayleon said...

Not me. I am likely "that" mildly demented fan who emailed you several years ago about Timely and who has asked about it the three of four times you have been kind enough to sign/sketch for me.

Unknown said...

The book's now up at http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/timularo-%28the-complete-timulo%29/13838024 - enjoy!

Ben S said...

~This makes me very happy indeed, easily one of the best Deadline strips. Thanks!

Ben S said...

Oh, any chance you can persuade Nick Abadzis to do the same thing for Hugo Tate could you? ; )