Thursday, November 18, 2010

D'Freebies of 'Israeli

Due to changes in the services, D'Freebies of 'Israeli download page is no longer functioning. Setting this back up will take a little time and thought as won't let me make another download page - I can set up download links to individual files, but I'll have to put them together manually and with the preparations for Thought Bubble I'm just out of time right now.

More recent individual downloads - such as my 2000AD page grid for Manga Studio - aren't affected as they were made post the changes to the service.


JeffKevlar said...

Just wondering if you were still planning on updating this. I was looking for photoshop brushes and remembered that a long time ago I had seen that you had some up. I guess they are gone now....Any chance of you putting them up again?

Unknown said...

Jeff - thanks for pushing me to get this sorted! I've made a new Freebies page as part of the Blog (see far right tab at top of page) and the link in the side bar also works again.

Not everything is back up yet (I have to find some of the original files) but I did make sure the brushes were included!

JeffKevlar said...

Awesome. You are a prince among men. Thank you.