Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Happy New Year!

The Lowlife "Hokusai" Cover for 2000AD Prog 1752
Dirty Frank © 2012 Rebellion Developments/
Dirty Frank/Lowlife created by Rob Williams and Henry Flint.
I was delighted to discover that the Dirty Frank "Hokusai" cover for 2000AD Prog 1752 has won Cover of the Year 2011 on the 2000AD Covers Uncovered blog. Thanks to everyone from Covers Uncovered, ECBT2000AD and the 2000AD messageboards who voted. It's been a corking year for 2000AD, so competition was stiff, and I'm proud to have placed in a field that included Greg Staples, Cliff Robertson and Henry Flint (no less than 3 times!)

Thanks where thanks are due: Tharg-in-Residence Matt Smith came up with the idea of basing a cover on a Hokusai print, and also approved what is a very radical take on Dirty Frank. 2000AD design stalwart Simon Parr also deserves thanks for his ever-sensitive design work. Thanks, gentlemen.

Finally, and at the risk of turning into Richard Attenborough, thanks to Pete Wells of 2000AD Covers Uncovered for his ongoing work showing the time and effort that goes into the cover art for the Galaxy's Greatest every week.


Len said...

As a massive fan of both Hokusai and Dirty Frank I am suitably impressed. Keep up the fine work.

Emperor said...

Congratulations - it was a fantastic cover and won by a very clear margin, the fans spoke and they spoke clearly on this one. As you say it was a strong field in both breadth and depth (around three quarters of the covers got a vote, which shows how strong the covers have been this year).

I'll also second your thanks to Pete for running this and for his blog which has really helped everyone appreciate 2000AD's covers.

One other handy side effect of the cover vote is that it does help focus the votes in the Eagle Awards and, coincidentally, nominations opened a few days back and prog 1752 is already in the running. So hopefully it should get through to the shortlist again this year.

David Rees said...

Very well deserved! One of the loveliest covers I've seen in a long while. The voting might have reflected how people felt about the latest outing of Dirty Frank; Low Life's certainly one of the best things in the Prog and has been for a while. I was sad to see Mecha Formby didn't show up, though!

shane oakley said...

HUGE slap on back and many hoorays!
you done real good, kid.

chocolate cigars and panda shandy on me.

..sent you a 'friend request' on facebook(yeah! me on fekkin facebook!)- click me.

IotD said...

Regarding Frank's footwear - would they be the brand with the three stripes with subtle inclusion of a trefoil at the toe - or is it just pure coincidence they resemble a well known brand?

An excellent piece and my favourite cover of the year by a country mile.


Emperor said...

And this is now shortlisted for the Best Cover Eagle Award.