Monday, March 18, 2013

New Stickleback!

First try at Stickleback's new look - we dropped the streaks, he looked a bit too Ra's Al Ghul
Stickleback Number of the Beast copyright Rebellion Developments Ltd/2000AD.
Stickleback created by Ian Edginton and Me
So, after nearly three years, Ian and I have finally squirmed out of the corner we'd painted ourselves into, and a new series of Stickleback begins!

I'll be doing the usual catalogue of references for each episode, but I'm leaving that towards the end of each week to keep the spoilerificatiousness down to a minimum.

Pete Wells at 2000AD Covers Uncovered will be publishing a step-by-step demo of this week's Stickleback cover soon (he'd have already done it if I'd had the bits ready, sorry Pete!), so I'll link to that as soon as it's up.

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