Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stickleback Number of the Beast: 2000AD Prog 1824 Cover

The new Stickleback steps out of his tank on the cover of 2000AD Prog 1824.
Stickleback Number of the Beast copyright Rebellion Developments Ltd/2000AD.
Stickleback created by Ian Edginton and Me
2000AD Prog 1824 see the start of our new Stickleback story, Number of the Beast, and sports a cover featuring the new Pope of Crime himself! Pete Wells at 2000AD Covers Uncovered has kindly hosted a step-by-step demo of the making of said cover, including a short video segment showing exactly how I produce  those texture effects. Check out the demo here. 

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Monty said...

Great stuff - a welcome return!