Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hi Diddly-Dee, The Bourgeoisie For Me

Cycle lamp thrown into our back garden yesterday;
it's broken now, and you only have yourself to blame.

It's been a week for personal landmarks; yesterday there was the news that the advance copies of The Great Game are out, today I received the documents confirming that I've successfully bought into my girlfriend (the delightful Dr.F)'s mortgage. As of today I'm the proud owner of 2/15 of a nice little terraced house along with 1/3 of a conservatory and a central heating system.
To celebrate my entry into the property-owning classes, I intend to start wearing sandals with socks and begin a campaign of snotty letters to the local paper about the behaviour of young people in the area.
In that spirit, will whoever threw this cycle lamp into our back garden please come and collect it. We don't want your rubbish.

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