Thursday, December 28, 2006

Spiderman For 20p!

"Money is as necessary to the creative person as air" said Chris Foss, but coffee comes a close second, for me at least; I ain't never been one for mister grape or mister grain, but mistress coffee bean, she done got her rich, mellow claws into me good and deep, yessir.
One of the many delights of our furnished flat in Edinburgh was that one of said furnishings was a coffee machine, which (after the delightful Dr.F., of course) has become my New Bestest Friend. However, even though Dr. F.'s leave has been extended - we're here until July now - the prospect of a painful parting from my caffeinacious* buddy was still in the works at some point.

My New-Bestest Friend (back) with New New Bestest Friend (front)

Imagine my delight, then, when I spotted an almost-identical model for sale in a charity shop window for only a fiver! What was wrong with it, I wondered, to be let go so cheaply? On the other hand, for a fiver, how bad could it be?
So we went in and bought it, and following a thorough trying-out, the only thing I can find wrong with it is that one corner of the handle on the jug has got a bit melted at some point. Now I have one for when I get home. Bliss.

Only 10cm high, but still does some of what a spider can

Less practical but more fun was the discovery of a bin full of action figures, one of which was a 10cm-high Spiderman with an implausibly large number of points of articulation and little magnets in his hands and feet, so he'll do real Ditko poses while sticking to fridges and the like. I showed him to Dr. F., expecting her to point out, rightly, that we already have more than enough crap to cart back to Nottingham, but on discovering he only cost 20p, she egged me on to buy him instead.

So now the fridge has a new guardian, and I have yet another reason why I shore do love that Dr. F :-)

*I don't know is caffeinacious is a real word. Nor do I care.


Sean Azzopardi said...

Sounds like an excellent raid on the charity shop. Something i spend far to much time doing, cheap books, i can't refuse them.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm Caffeine and wallcrawling.... they do go together wonderfully don't they

Anonymous said...

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