Monday, September 08, 2008


Kurt Vonnegut for Steven Gettis; if you've ever read Breakfast of Champions, you'll understand the significance of the asterisk.

Occasionally, I do the odd sketch as a private commission. I enjoy doing 'em, but fitting them in around work is a bit of a bugger so it usually takes me ages. Anyway, here are some of the better ones from the last year or so.

1975 Cyberman for James Corcoran
(Cybermen created by Gerry Davis & Kit Pedler)

"Dalek Tank" for Gary Macindoe
(Daleks created by Terry Nation; Tanks created by the British Army)


Kev Levell said...

I love the Dalek-Tank... A real one made by matchbox (if they still exist) please!

TomWE said...

I vote for a little tin Dalek-tank too! I love the fact that there's a little Dalek piloting the tank too. Great job!


Anonymous said...

Coincidentally, I just saw a Photoshopped Dalek tank on B3TA - different yet similar...

Unknown said...

kevin - Yeah, I'd love one too!

tomwe - The idea of little sub-Dalek driving the big Dalek tank was borrowed from the Megazoid tank from Gerry Anderson's early-80's puppet-fest Terrahawks (and bang goes any street-cred I might lay claim to:-)

anonymous - thanks for this! Live link here.

Anonymous said...

The Kurt Vonnegut portrait is wonderful. *s all round.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Dalek Tank is tops !! :) The others are fab too !