Sunday, August 10, 2008


Jenni in Pete's Hat

Jenni Scott (wearing CAPTION logo T-shirt) celebrates at the pre- CAPTION meet up on the Friday night at the Angel & Greyhound pub, Oxford.

I'm just back from CAPTION in Oxford but I've managed to get my photos up onto Flickr already. Next week's going to be busy so this may have to stand as my convention report, so thanks to Selina Lock for letting me include her vodcast CAPTION report (below) in this post.

CAPTION Gorilla Quiz 02

During the CAPTION quiz on Saturday night, Tony Hitchman tries to explain why an ape would wish to marry Jimmy Olson.

Escape Panel 01

Paul Gravett, Rian Hughes and Woodrow Phoenix at the Escape panel on Sunday

It was a terrific weekend, one of the best CAPTIONs for a while; we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Escape magazine (above), and the 2oth anniversary of Deadline (I produced my first new Timulo strip in 18 years for the CAPTION booklet, see left). There was banana-winning ape-related fun thanks to Tony Hitchman's CAPTION quiz, and the auction raised over £600 (not including funds raised towards helping Al Davison buy a new wheelchair). I also took part in the CAPTION Collective exhibition at the Oxford Jam Factory - mostly featuring work by proper small press artists like Jeremy Dennis, Deidre Ruane, Andrew Luke, Sally-Ann Hickman, Terry Wiley, Ellen Lindner, Jessica Bradley, David Baillie and Daniel Merlin Goodbrey. The exhibition continues until August 30th so if you're based in Oxford you haven't missed it yet!

CAPTION Collective Cropped

The new cast of Torchwood assemble for series 3. Left to right: David Baillie, Jeremy Dennis, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, Deidre Ruane, Andrew Luke and me.
Not present: Sally-Ann Hickman, Ellen Lindner and Jessica Bradley.

Steve Whitaker Memorial Exhibition 2

Steve Whitaker's memorial exhibition, including the whole of his last ever comic strip.

We also took the opportunity to remember CAPTION stalwart Steve Whitaker with a special memorial exhibition in the Fusion workshop, though sadly (or possibly appropriately given Steve's relationship with deadlines) publication of the Steve memorial APAzine was delayed, so no copies were available this weekend. On a personal note, I was delighted to snap up Terry Wiley's drawing of Steve and Charon at the CAPTION auction.

On a final sad note, I'd like to extend my sympathy and condolences to B-APA and CAPTION stalwart Steve Green, whose wife passed away recently. All our thoughts go with you, Steve.

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Dan Kelly said...

dammit. I'd hoped it was awful :-D

Seriously miffed not to be able to make it as the line-up this year was amazing.

It would also have given me chance to ask when either Fatal Charm or Timulo are going to rise from the grave - which I've never had the brass to ask when we've met elsewhere.